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'Cannot Get Mail' error message on iPhone



I was always able to pick up my emails on my iphone until 9th Nov.  Now I get an error message 'Cannot Get Mail' - the mail server '' is not responding.  My googlemail is still working so I do not think that the problem is with the phone.  Help!



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Re: 'Cannot Get Mail' error message on iPhone



I also have an iPhone and my non-Virgin business emails work perfectly, but the emails have always been problematic and, as with yours, simply stopped working last week.


My original problem with Virgin was that I could receive mail but not send it as the didn't work at all. I got round this by using to send outgoing and so the emails in & out worked fine - until the outgoing stopped being sent and informed me that the server rejected it as it does not allow relaying. Now, I can't even receive mail and I don't know why!!


The whole Virgin experience must condem them as one of the worse email providers to mobile devices. No one else I know has these sort of problems with their mobile devices. add this to a garbled and sometimes freezing set top box and you have yet another customer ready to walk.


Perhaps one of Virgins tech team would like to look into this matter as ringing the customer service people would be a complete waste of half an hour!

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Re: 'Cannot Get Mail' error message on iPhone

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(assuming you are using IMAP)


The POP settings have also changed, so if you are using POP to send then check the sticky thread at the top (by EricT)

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