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Cannot Change wireless password

I am a new customer, less than a week ago I had Virgin installed with Tivo, phone and broadband.

However, My phone has not been connected properly yet, My broadband (wireless) is shockingly slow!

I keep getting kicked from Xbox Live due to poor connection, websites on my laprop take ages to load fully, my whole connection sometimes just disappears.


I was advised to change wireless channels using the username "admin" and password "changeme" on but apparently that password is incorrect!

Can someone please advise me on what I have to do or I will be removing my custom and going to a rival provider!

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Re: Cannot Change wireless password

Hi SuperSquidge

On the back of the Superhub there is a reset hole, please use a cocktail stick or similar to hold this button in for a minum of 30 seconds with the superhub powered on. This will reset the superhub to factory settings and the username and password that you have given above should then allow access to the configuration pages.
Kind Regards,

Steve Brett
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