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Fresh as a Daisy
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Cancelling my Virgin Media order



I ordered a Virgin Media package last week, but since ordering, I've decided I don't need it any more and have tried to cancel. I called the number they gave me (0845 454 1111) and tried to cancel, but they asked for my virgin phone number or my account number, neither of which I have!


Does anyone know how I can cancel my order, if there's a different number I'm meant to be calling?



Making Waves
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Re: Cancelling my Virgin Media order

they can find your account based on your address, call them again and demand they sort it!


email them as well so you have it documented that you want to cancel and do it right now so that its done well within your legal (not vrigin) rights.

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Re: Cancelling my Virgin Media order

you can call sales number - 0800 183 1234
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