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Can't access mail

This is very strange - and I'm having to ask this microsoft question here because I can find no help topic  (other then con tricks) that apply to help with access to


Today, for the first time, attempts to login into my mail on presents me with a screen where microsoft ask a series of questions about a 2 stage login process. I've given them a phone number, received a code via text msg and used it. But all this gives me is access to my MS account profile and settings - I cannot see any of my mail at all, neither is there any help facility to be found.


Attempts to use the homail app on my smartphone result in it being 'upgraded' (whatever that means) to but I can see my mail boxes in my hotmail (outlook ?) account on the phone. But this is not a convenient way of using the account for me - I want to use a PC-based interface.


How do I get to it?

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Re: Can't access mail

Hi XEyedBear, 


I'm afraid we really don't have the answer to this. You will need to speak to the Help team at Hotmail.



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