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Can send but cannot receive emails - Outlook 2003 - help!

Help! I've set up Outlook 2003 on new laptop and am trying to synch to Virgin Media email account - I can send emails Ok but cannot receive. Can anyone help? Settings I have are below...


Email account:

Pop is enabled on email account

Incoming server: SSL=Yes and Port 995

Outgoing mail server: SSL=Yes and Port 465


Error is "Your email server rejected your login...the server responded "-ERR [AUTH] Username and password not accepted"

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Re: Can send but cannot receive emails - Outlook 2003 - help!

Hi tim_swindon,


I am sorry to hear your having problems setting up your email account in your Outlook email client.


Please click here for a configuration guide which you might find useful.


I hope this helps you resolve the issue with your Outlook email client.

Kind regards,

Help & Support Forum Team

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