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Can I cancel my virgin broadband contract?

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Its almost coming up to a month of no service from virgin media. Have made all sorts of calls for technician to come and repair my problem but all seem to fail or not even turn up. I am becoming sick of tired of chasing up indian call centers and being passed around different people Smiley Sad


so to cut it short... is it possible to cancel if virgin is not providing me a service for a month?


[edit] forgot to mention cancelling without paying any fees >.<

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Re: Can I cancel my virgin broadband contract?

If they can not deliver the service then you have the legal right to end the contract without penalty.


The first thing you need to do is make sure that a) you have given them a fair chance to fix the problem.  and b) you have given them ample warning (certified letter) that the service gets fixed or you walk away. 


The most they can charge you with is the rental for the time you will have the remaining services.  If you purchased it as a package then you should be able to walk away with all services removed, OR, keep your discount and keep the working services.  If you purchased them all seperatly then you may not be able to get out of the other services.


Phone through to retentions (UK staff only) and discuss with them why you feel you must leave, and how you will refuse to pay the penalty.  Most of them are generally understanding and can sometimes push for answers.  Try early in the morning before they have sore ears.


Remember, VM's CONTRACT to you is for service, If they are not providing a service then they have broken the contract first, and any "Penaltys" set out in it are not yours to meet.


If they do bill you then there are a few paths you can take to get the refund, if those fail then you can take VM to court.  They would likely not send anyone in and you would win by default. 


Try Retentions first, Go in by writing, If your still worried then get advice from a consumer group.

I do not work for VM, but I would. It is just a Job.

I would also make websites for them, because the job never seems to require the website to work.

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Re: Can I cancel my virgin broadband contract?

thanks for the feed back.I did actually retentions but he was claiming i wasnt entitled to cancel because they needed to come to my property 3 times... fix problem 3 times and it breaks all occassions then i am in right to cancel. Where as in my situation 2 tech guys have come but no fix. The rest of the 3 appointments were no shows. But apparently i was still not entitled to cancel, will prob take this situation and ask ofcom about it to confirm as i think virgin staff have given me enough BS for a life time.


yeh its almost been a month of no service. Organised 6 appointments with a technician so i would deem the situation as given them appriopriate opptunity to fix service.


thanks for the feedback was thinking on the same lines as you, in which i did tell retentions that they aint providing a service so i should be in my right to cancel Smiley Happy