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Can I block 02034 numbers?

For the past week I have been plagued with calls from an 02034 number. I picked up the phone the first time but as soon as I did they rang off. Ever since I have checked the caller display and don't answer if it's an 02034 number. On these occasions they do not leave a message. My phone line is with BT and my calls are with Virgin. I am already registered with the TPS (and have been for a while) but I'd heard about a BT service called Choose To Refuse so I went to the BT website to try and set this up - it costs a few quid a month but worth it if it will stop these calls. However, before I could go to the checkout, BT want me to tick a box agreeing to move my calls service back to them from Virgin. If I try to checkout without ticking this option I can't go any further!!  The word blackmail springs to mind!!

Does Virgin have a similar call barring service - I can't see anything on the website.

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Re: Can I block 02034 numbers?

Hi shalebing,

We don't have a similar service to choose to refuse. If you are receiving nuisance calls from a non business number, you can either speak to your local Police, or call in to our Customer Service team on 150 from your landline, and they can arrange a number change for you.


Lesley Chenard
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