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Cable development plans

I'm a potential new customer - but I want the full package including TV. Unfortunately despite being only 50m from the nearest BT substation I can't get cable TV as Virgin apparently hasn't reached my village (Torrance G64 near Glasgow). Two questions:

  1. Is there a roadmap of planned network development that can be viewed to to see when (if) my location will join the fibre optic network?
  2. How can a local community express collective interest in getting the service so that we can influence how quickly we can be added to the network?
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Re: Cable development plans

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the best place to contact is

for the record virgin has nothing to do with BT and do not use any of BT hardware or exchanges for there cable service. So being close to a BT exchange is not going to help.

Sadly not a Virgin customer anymore.... Unless you want to cable my new street. my internet sucks.
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