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Cable TV in Milton Keynes

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I have just moved back to Milton Keynes and previously paid NTL, then Virgin a small monthly fee for the cable. Now I'm back I want to activate the cable ports, pay a small fee, connect my freeview box and watch TV. Simples.


However reading various things it appears Virgin no longer do this and MK is not now a cable area. Can someone please confirm this/explain what happened?


If this is true, then how do I watch telly? I don't want to pay for Sky (that's why I chose freeview) and the house doesn't haven't an aerial. Looks like I have to pay for one to be installed at a ridiculous cost.  

Thanks for any help/advice!  


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Re: Cable TV in Milton Keynes

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Milton Keynes still has basic analogue cable, as a major upgrade is required to switch it to digital. From what I hear, until any upgrade takes place VM are not taking any new customers.


Freeview (DVB-T) can only be used with an aerial. Virgin use DVB-C on their digital networks.

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