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CCTV setup with vigin media super hub

Hi All,


I am hoping you guys can help me sort my problem out. I have been going crazy for last 4 weeks trying to resolve this.


Due to numerous attempts of people trying to break in i have had to get cctv installed at my house.


I on on a 30 mb Virgin Super Hub.


The cctv has been setup and displays on my tv fine .


I have a qvis h264 box


I spoke to vm about a static ip as all my research suggested i needed a static ip till i came across no-ip com


I downloaded the above software but to use but the setup has made no sense to me at al.


I set up dns server as the no ip com site sugested and setup at mange host thing and created a account on the website then i followed these instructions


Apollo or Zeus DVR Remote Access
Networking your DVR is one of the main ‘problems’ people tend to have when setting up a
CCTV system, so we decided to write a simple guide to help everyone.
There are two main things you need to do when networking your DVR:
1. Configure your internet router to allow access to your DVR from the internet
2. Configure a Dynamic DNS account so you can access your DVR from anywhere (even
for fixed IP addresses this works better)
So we’ll take these one at a time:
1. Router Config
a. The Apollo and Zeus DVRs use several ‘ports’ to communicate with either mobile
phone software (DMSS), PC Software (PSS) or Internet Explorer (depending on
how you’re trying to access your DVR).
b. From outside your property on the internet you need to be able to use
these ‘ports’ to access your DVR - there are three main ways of doing this:
i. If your router has a DMZ facility (De-Militarised Zone), then this is the
easiest way of networking your DVR. This basically makes a device fully
accessible from the internet. In the menus of your router admin (usually
under ‘firewall’ or ‘advanced’), you will need to select the DVR and place
it in the DMZ on the router.
ii. Port Forwarding. If your router does not have a DMZ facility, then you will
need to allow communication on the ports that the DVR needs - this is
called port forwarding. The ports required are TCP=37777, UDP=37778
(Mobile or PC software) and HTTP=80 (browser access from any
computer using Internet Explorer). You don’t have to enable all of these
ports, just the relevant one(s) depending on how you intend to access the
DVR from the internet.
iii. UPnP (Universal Plug n Play) is available on the Apollo HD DVR from
firmware version v2.608 (07/04/2011). If your router supports UPnP,
once enabled on both the router and the DVR, any port forwarding is
done for you automatically.
If your router references the dvr as it’s IP address, then it may work better to set a fixed
IP address, but if your router uses the machine name (i.e. ‘dvr’) then it will work better
with the DVR Network setup set to DHCP so the router can manage the IP addresses.
You will need to look up how to change these settings in the manual for your specific
router, or seek help from your internet service provider.
We will always do our best to help someone configure their router so their DVR is
accessible via the internet, but we cannot make any guarantees since every router
works differently and we can’t possibly know how to use them all.
© Copyright 1CCTV LTD 2011
Apollo or Zeus DVR Remote Access
2. Dynamic DNS. This allows you to get to your router (and hence DVR) from the
internet without worrying about using a static IP address. Most internet service provider
accounts will have a dynamic ip address (i.e. a new one given each time the router is
switched on). Even ISP accounts that have a fixed IP address have issues because
the fixed IP is often not available from everywhere (because of DNS issues). DDNS
a. The first thing we need to do is create an account with a free DDNS hosting
service. We recommend as the Apollo and Zeus DVRs have
some defaults for NO-IP already set, so it will make setup easier:
i. Go to
ii. Click on the create account link next to the login button and enter your
details. (set a username once your account it created - it will help later*)
iii. You’ll need to go through the usual process of authenticating your email
address via a link in an email sent to you on registration.
iv. Login to your NO-IP account and click Add
A Host (you will see the screen below)
© Copyright 1CCTV LTD 2011
Apollo or Zeus DVR Remote Access
v. Enter a Hostname of your choice (e.g. ‘mydvr’)
vi. Choose a domain suffix from the list (e.g.
vii. Leave all other settings as default (the host type should be DNS Host(A))
and click Create Host button at the bottom of the page
b. Next we need to configure the DVR to login to your DDNS account:
i. Go to your DVR and login, then choose Setting, Network.
ii. There is a list of items in the ADVANCED section at the bottom - scroll
down to find DDNS then double-click the DDNS option.
iii. You’ll see a screen as below - fill in the items as follows:
1. DDNS Type = NO-IP DDNS (choose from list)
2. Server IP = (default)
3. Port = 80 (default)
4. Domain Name = (this is the hostname and
domain you entered when you set up your NO-IP DDNS Host)
5. User Name = your NO-IP account username*
6. Password = your NO-IP account password
7. Update Period = 300 (default - this is how often your DVR tells
NO-IP your current IP address)
8. Make sure Enabled = filled box
iv. Click OK, then Save.
Now you should be configured correctly, so when you want to access your DVR, instead of an
IP address, just use the hostname and domain you set up e.g.
© Copyright 1CCTV LTD 2011




and added the ip to the dmz in the super hub settings


as well as http 80 port forwarding but still no joy



my external ip and port 80


the port is not opened




I have done eveything i can to get this port to open

using standard windows xp firewall


please please help me with this ,



i also downloaded the DUC 4.01 software which shows a cross next to hosts and ip


my client id is accpeted fine


pease advise





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Re: CCTV setup with vigin media super hub

Hi try changing the ports to a higher port eg 8181 my cctv is set to 8181, 8182, 8183 and then set them up in the superhub. I hope this helps. i know it can be a mess about to setup. i use for my forwarding, and my cctv has an automatic sender to


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Re: CCTV setup with vigin media super hub

I found a hungry rottweiler offered a more satisfying resolution to the problems you have been having.Smiley Wink

Vincent Halas.
I work for Virgin Media, but all opinions posted here are my own.
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Re: CCTV setup with vigin media super hub


Your problem is probably the virgin super hub, my set up worked until I upgraded to the super hub, what I did to fix was connect an additional router and used my old setup on that.
You should be able to assign your CCTV dvr an ip address you do this on CCTV setup not knowing your box I can't advise.  Current setting is probably assign any ip address but give it a static one and set your port to 37777 it probably does this. 
Whatever ip address you set, eg. you should be able to type into your browser and login to your CCTV, if you can't do that you can't go on to the next bit! You need to sort that first.
Now on your hub login and take advanced settings. Then in port forwarding set services name can be CCTV to port forward on 37777 to 37777 then add another say cctv1 and that would be 37778 to 37778 then add another cctv2 and port 8080 to 8080
Then in dhcp settings you want to assign your CCTV ip so it's reserved just for your dvr.
You should then see those ports open and be able to connect remotely, depending what app you use you will need to put in your wan ip address and port 37777 or if using pc I would suggest dyndns  easy to setup!
Hope that makes some kind of sense, I have had to do it off top of my head and on a bloody iPad! 
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Re: CCTV setup with vigin media super hub

Dodo1234 thanks for all the advice but the its not making much sense to be honest.


when u say an old router will any old router do ? i got a old dlink one or shall i get a cheap one you can recommend ?


wil this then be connected to the hub ?


i am using a this AVALON 8 CHANNEL DVR H.264 AVALON-8BB (HDD FREE - 2TB)


I have tried the higher ports but when i check on can my port be seen it says error cannot be seen .

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