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CCTV set-Up

Hi, hope this is right forum for this topic.


I have purchased and installed


I have managed to assign a port (89) in the network settings and have full vision through iPhone and iPad both 3g products using WI-fi, what I now need help and clear understanding is how to use this product remotely,I'm certain I've read that I can view anywhere in the world, 

My Settings are....

Network address - DHCP

IP Address -

Subnet Mask -

Default Gateway -

Auto DNS- Checked.

Preferred DNS Server -

Alternative DNS Server -

MAC Address - **:**:**:**:**:**


my router is a Virginmedia Super Hub.



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Re: CCTV set-Up

Should be as easy as substitute the that would need to have been entered in the app on iPhone or iPad with the actual ip of your Internet.

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Re: CCTV set-Up

Which can be found by going to


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Re: CCTV set-Up

The best thing to do is create a free account on dyndns. Here you can create a host name e.g: This will be used to access your CCTV from your phone or your computer. This will need to be entered into the CCTV unit and the router, so that they can update the IP address and know the account username and password. Also make sure port forwarding is active and make sure the port number 89 is forwarded, so that the router knows what to do. 


So after you have created an account, your address to enter the CCTV would be something like:

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Re: CCTV set-Up for internet viewing

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