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Broadband keeps disconnecting.

Hi there,

Over the past few weeks I have noticed that my Virgin Broadband keeps disconnecting me from wifi. this can happen several times a day. When it happens and I go to re connect it says something along the lines of 'security key cannot be verified'. I am at wits end with this broadband and I am unsure what to do.

I can't remember exactly what broadband box we have but I can give you the information from the gateway.


Startup Procedure Procedure Status Comment

Acquire Downstream Channel 331000000 Hz

Locked Connectivity State OK

Operational Boot State OK

Operational Configuration File OK  

Security Enabled BPI+

Downstream Channel

Lock Status Locked Modulation QAM256 Channel ID 6 Symbol Rate 5360537 Downstream Frequency 331000000 Hz Downstream Power 8.9 dBmV SNR 42.2 dBmV    

Upstream Channel Lock Status Locked Modulation QAM16 Channel ID 3 Symbol Rate 2560 Ksym/sec Upstream Frequency 25800000 Hz Upstream Power 40.0 dBmV

Primary Downstream Service Flow Downstream(0) SFID 4428 Max Traffic Rate 10240000 bps Max Traffic Burst 3044 bytes Mix Traffic Rate 0 bps

Primary Upstream Service FlowUpstream(0) SFID 4427 Max Traffic Rate 1072000 bps Max Traffic Burst 8160 bytes Mix Traffic Rate 0 bps Max Concatenated Burst 8160 bytes Scheduling Type Best Effort


Please help me, I am getting really annoyed now.


Zaq Bexton

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Re: Broadband keeps disconnecting.

Hi Zaq

Other users with this and similar issues have posted that turning off the primary network and using the secondary network has helped overcome this issue. You should also ensure that security mode is set to WPA2(psk) rather than WPA Auto.
Kind Regards,

Steve Brett
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