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Fresh as a Daisy
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Broadband Not Working


My broadband is once again not working.

I have spoken to your technical support team on many occasions and they just put a patch over the issue and it returns a couple of weeks later.

Currently the ready light is flashings and the internet is not working.

A virgin media engineer has come to look at the issue and has not resolved the issue.

I need to use the internet when I return from work in the evening. Today at 10pm it is not working and cannot continuallly waste time contacting Virgin Media and waiting for engineers to come round.

I have been very patiant so far and have continually contacted Virgin Media when an issue arises.

If this issue is not resolved, my next move will be to contact Virgin Media for my final bill.

The Sorter
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Re: Broadband Not Working

Log in to the superhub and go to set password restore factorydefaults tick yes and apply superhub will restart and might get all the frequencys back and connect.