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Blocking torrents

Who should i speak to about blocking these - i'm sick and tired with someone in my house using all our bandwidth for downloading torrents. Its illegal too - and i don't want any part of it.


What should i do (... and before anyone says - this isnt someone i can just simply ask either - its complicated) ?

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Re: Blocking torrents


hiya langish 


would need to know what make and model of router you have since there is ways to block certain traffic on the settings of your router. 



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Re: Blocking torrents

Is there a QOS function in the router attached to the modem-by this, you could throttle back on that IP/MAC address.

You could try blocking certain ports but then if they shift application, the port block will become null and void.

Various ways you could do it but depends on how transparent you want the process to be if the situation is complicated, as you say.





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Re: Blocking torrents

Sorry to dig up an old thread but this will probably help someone else.


Stopping torrenting is very simple as long as you have some sort of website blocking by keyword / parental control feature in your router. Most try to stop torrents by blocking ports, QOS etc but it's never really successful because of encryption and DHT torrents.

So you block the trackers. No access to the tracker and the torrent is dead.


Trackers use web addresses like this - 


Simply add these 3 keywords to Website Blocking by Keyword


The last keyword blocks DHT torrents.
99% of trackers use one of them keywords.


Stopped torrents dead on my network.


All the best.