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Blackberry Curve 8250



I am almost at wits end now.. not only myself but I've noticed a fair few others having the same problem on various forums.


I recieved my blackberry 6 days ago.. on which the second day i phoned up the "technical support" team to ask how the hell i set up all the apps//emails etc that are a vital selling point to the blackberry..


I like everyother piggin person who has posted all over the net have been told to wait up to 72 hours for a phone call from technical support.


it wasn't 72 hours either.. i phoned up today (5th day) explaining that I havent heard back from anyone and that I want to talk to someone today.. a few hours later a tech phoned me.


asked if my gprs is in lower case which it was


he then told me to text Yes to 789333 then after 30mins turn the phone off then back on again then you should be able to do it.


ok so i did that.. then not long after got a text from Virgin saying Sorry we've had problems setting up your phone services. To activate your blackberry services please text 789333 with keyword: Yes


so I do this again! and get the same response again!


Does anyone know how to help me? Virgin are a joke, absolutely poor customer services.. why sell a phone where there is such tiny tech support available to you.



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Re: Blackberry Curve 8250



I'm in the same boat right now, no blackberry services on my curve 8520.


Have you had this resolved yet?

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Re: Blackberry Curve 8250

Exactly the same problem i'm encountering but with the Curve 9300


Arrived on Friday 23rd, spent what feels like all weekend trying to sort it out


getting no where with customer services - now waiting for tech support (upto 48hrs) - if this does not resolve it i will be returning the phone


i was told uppercase YES, and it still hasn't done anything


Was impressed with the service from ordering to arriving, but i am now very disspaointed with their customer services dept  


Let me know if they sort yours out !


One to Watch
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Re: Blackberry Curve 8250

Exactly the same here on the 9300

Arrived saturday, most things working ok but only getting lowercase GPRS and standard 3G (no blackberry sign) so after trying to register the phone on i phoned them.

First call Sunday 20 minutes late, Tracey told us to go to the above site, already tried, then hung up ! Second call spoke to Kim and was told it needs passing to the IT department with the text to 789333 YES, did this twice and still nothing, she did say it could take 3 days but surely not ! other people i've spoke to had a response within a minute.


Anybody looked into a factory reset first ? Just wandering if something in the phone is stopping the info being delivered properly ? Gonna wait til tomoz and phone again.


Gotta say that the info you receive for setting up the phone has no mention of texting the no or registering on the above website.


Do virgin staff monitor this site? might be nice to get a resonse from one of them.


Keep us updated of any changes please guys and i'll do the same.

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Re: Blackberry Curve 8250

had my 8520 for 2 weeks, echamged it for the Curve 3G 9300, for the 3G and GPS. From day one everything has been great, no branding on either phone. Within an hour I was up and running. Set up emails and apps. Downloaded a theme, apps which I would recomend... BerryWeather and Poynt.

Any advice just ask


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Re: Blackberry Curve 8250

 BigwhiteUK: I have a Curve 8520 with VM, had it for near 5 months now, did you just call them to exchange?

I called them last week and they said no, they could not do this

(i actually asked to exchange to the Samsung Andriod moby thing)

I wouldnt mind the 3G and GPS though, let me know how you done it



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Re: Blackberry Curve 8250

I exchanged under their 28 day customer satisfaction guarantee. Found them very helpful

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Re: Blackberry Curve 8250

Hi all,


I'm  trying to help my Mum out who is also having problems with the Curve 8250. After initial problems with getting her e-mail setup and a weeks-worth of messing around. It now turns out the phone can only get gprs (lowercase)!!!! Most unsatisfied with is 2010! I advised her to ring Virgin back and get them to sort out 3G, which is what I would consider a minimum standard for this level on phone in the modern age. She was advised that 3G was not available for this phone as it came from Virgin not direct from Blackberry but they should be able to sort out uppercase GPRS (fuss of sorting this on going)! 


Can anyone confirm this nonsense is true...before I repatch the phone to BB's original OS? Or advise my Mum to go elsewhere!


Would also be interested in her exchanging for the Curve 3G 9300 as Bigwhite was referring to but I can't find it on Virgin's site, is it no longer available?


Thanks for reading!

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Re: Blackberry Curve 8250

hello i had this problam they told me to do 789333 and send the message yes but you have to do it in caps so its like YES worked for me n now i rule lol

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Re: Blackberry Curve 8250

Hi I'm having the same problem as all of you. Done all the texting yes a dozen times. Have had the phone since September ( over 2 months) and e-mailed the help several times, spoke to several "Help line" idiots and still not working. This really is a rubbish service.

Last adviosr told me everything would be working within 48hrs, here we are 15 days later and still no internet services and the gprs in small case.

I really give up, don't know how they can boast abut there cutomer care. I do hope someone at Virgin reads these forums.