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Fresh as a Daisy
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Bad crackling - can't use phone

Phone line crackling noise issue - it's been bad for a month, but now it's unusable. 


For the last month if someone rings, its rings for the first time, then stops (but if you pick it up quick enough you might still catch them on the line). But now I can just hear really loud crackling and if I call the house number from my mobile it goes straight to  voicemail?! Am beginning to wonder what the point is of paying all this extra money for a landline that doesn't work??


I have tried another phone which I know works, and this is also a brand new phone anyway but the issue still remains.


I can't phone the help line as I can't hear anyone on the other end.


Please help!! Thank you.

Proof’s in the Pudding
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Re: Bad crackling - can't use phone

Hi lucylulabelle86,


It looks like we will need to book an engineer to look into this for you.

If you could please send me a private message with your house number and postcode and I will be able to book an appointment in.



Emily Lewis
Help & Support Forum Team

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