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BBC iPlayer problem

Is anyone else having a problem with the BBc iPlayer this evening?  I have just accessed it on the Catch up option to watch Death in Paradise and it is rubbish!  It just keeps stopping and starting every few seconds, then goes ok for a while, then stops again.


I have put it on my laptop on the iPlayer and it is fine so it is only on Virgin.  it;s so bad I have given up trying to watch it now.


Any ideas what it could be?



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Re: BBC iPlayer problem

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I had a few issues this evening with In the Night Garden (I'm an avid fan). Not sure what the cause is as my broadband seemed fine at the time. 


If it had been any of the other On Demand services I could have said it was perhaps related to the increased pause time introduced in 15.2 but iPlayer should come from the BBC down the BB connection. First time I've seen any playback issues with iPlayer.

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Re: BBC iPlayer problem

Well it's happening again tonight.


BBC Iplayer has been fine during the day, but as soon as it gets to evening time it just goes weird, constantly juttering picture, stopping and starting intermittently, but on my laptop it is working fine.


Don't know if it is related but I am also getting occassional visual disturbance (not on iPlayer, just normal channels) where the picture goes sort of pixellated but only slightly.  Seems to happen on movement mostly but can't honestly say if it is only then.


Any techy type person have any idea what is causing this?





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Re: BBC iPlayer problem


New on here so please be patient. My Tivo would have been upgraded the night of 23/11/11 - Brighton. We now have BBC I-player instead of the excellent catch up TV service that worked like a charm.


THE BBC I PLAYER DOES NOT WORK PROPERLEY ON A TIVO BOX!!! The program takes ages to load up and then "stutters" whilst playing even going to a blank diplay with a "wheel of death" symol spinning in the middle.


Have tried to ring Virgin media - no answer at various times of day.


I am amazed. Catch up TV was one of the best bits of the whole service and now they have ruined it. It is completeley unusable - totaly useless.


Do Virgin ever look in here - is there a chance that they will pick up on this issue and doe something about it??


All the best


Keith Duke  

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Re: BBC iPlayer problem

Totally agree - if it isnt broke why "fix" it?



It took twice as long for yesterdays Eastenders to load and start!!



Improvement? I really dont think so Grr!

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