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Annoying "COUPONS" pop-up

Does anyone else get annoyed by the ulta-annoying "coupons" pop-up that appears whenever you use the Help & Support forum?


Does anyone know a way of getting rid of this annoying little beastie?


Bright Spark
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Re: Annoying "COUPONS" pop-up

Just download "Adblocker plus" it is a god send! I use it all the time and thank god no more ads.

Usually Always Right
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Re: Annoying "COUPONS" pop-up

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Two things I would do.


First go into your control panel and then all programs and make sure you havent got any adware in the list, if you have then remove them.


Second, get a programe like advanced system care and run a sweep of your pc to clear out all of the rubbish.


Ive never had a pop on these forums.

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Re: Annoying "COUPONS" pop-up

Hello CambridgeChris,

Have you been able to resolve your problem by following the advise from Daveycoop and canverboy?

Peter L
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