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Annoying Phone calls

Is there any thing else I can do to stop annoying Phone calls from companies I have nothing to do with ie debt collectors,research companies I have change my number but its worse it is registered on TPS and they still ring day and night we tell them to stop ringing and that we are registered not to receive unsolicited calls but the still ring getting to the point of not wanting a land line but need it for elderly relatives to get in touch so annoyingCat Mad

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Re: Annoying Phone calls

get caller display installed then you can see whos calling and you can decide who to answer it to and who not to if you recognise the number or not


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Re: Annoying Phone calls

If you are able to afford a new phone, buy one that blocks individual phone numbers.  I have a set of cordless by Panasonic.  They work in conjunction with Caller Display.  It only works when an actual number pops up on the display, not when it is withheld, unavailable, or international.  So, you block a number that annoys you, they still call, but the phone never rings. The call is still listed on the call list, so you can check.  These phones have been a godsend for me, now when I get bothered by these idiots, they get banned.  An example, today 5 calls from a number wanting to do a 'survey,' not a single ring from the phone because the number is blocked.


Here is the set I bought on Amazon, I am the second on review on the most helpful review list.  These are a few years old now, so make sure you look out for newer handsets, just in case they have better features.