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Additional TiVo Box on Same Package in Different Room?

A few months ago I got TiVo installed in my bedroom as we use the TV a lot in there. I have Sky TV downstairs but not impressed on the price in comparison for the amount of channels. I'm therefore thinking of leaving Sky and having an additional TiVo box installed to replace the Sky on the same package my current TiVo is on.


I've looked on the website and cannot find any information on the costs involved for an additional box, any installation fees, box rental and so on.


Please could someone advice me what the costs will be? Thanks in advance.

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Re: Additional TiVo Box on Same Package in Different Room?

I think it'll be £49 activation fee for the box, then £7 per month extra rental.


it is (as far as I know) unconfirmed but with the new software update you can do box to box streaming, that means you can watch what you recorded on the upstairs box on the downstairs box and visa versa, you would need both of the tivo connected to your local ethernet

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