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Accessing my VM wireless router homepage

I have tried to search the forum for a similar issue but couldn't immediately find one so apologies if this issue has been raised before.


I moved to a 20 meg broadband service within the last year (June 2011 I think) and received the new all in one virgin media wireless router. Previously I had been using my own Netgear wireless router connected to a VM broadband modem and can honestly report that I had comparatively very few issues with my previous setup.


Now with my new setup I have had too many issues which have mostly been resolved with a reboot of the  VM wireless router when needed. But recently I have been getting a new problem.


As I write I am in my bedroom on my laptop attempting to use the internet wirelessly but I can't get a web page. I can't even get to my VM box's admin pages even though my wireless network is showing a healthy signal in Windows and I am connected. Wondering how I am writing this? Well I am happily remoting onto my PC which is sitting downstairs connected via ethernet to my VM router. However, even from my PC downstairs I cannot access the web page on my VM router. Even a telnet on port 80 from the command line tells me that the router's web page isn't available. I am absolutely fed up of having to wander downstairs to reboot the VM box in order to gain access to the admin web pages on it.

But even that, although very annoying, isn't the main issue. The problem is that from my latop I can't directly get onto the internet, and this happens intermittently without warning - for example I was happily connecting most of yesterday but this morning nada. Even more confusing is that I have my Blackberry next to me showing that my internet service is being served over the Wifi network and I can connect to websites through it without any issue.


Any ideas?


PS. My laptop is a Lenovo T410 running XP SP3

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Re: Accessing my VM wireless router homepage


Hi tekkie2,


I am sorry to hear you have been experiencing issues with your equipment.  When using wireless internet it is possible, especially in built up areas, that we experience issues with connectivity due to interference from other devices within the Hubs wireless range.


A way to resolve these issues is to change some settings on the configuration pages of the Hub.  If you click here you will find some useful information on how to make these changes e.g.  Changing the channel and the signal band of the Hub. 


With regards to accessing the configuration pages of the Hub, it is always best to do this with an Ethernet connection directly from the Hub into a PC/Laptop.   

Kind Regards,

Help & Support Forum Team

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