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A few issues

Hi, have been following the issues being had with the MMS retrieval website. I still have not been able to retrieve the messages sent to me. Can i ask is the code meant to be 8 or 10 digits long? The codes sent to me are 10 digits long. I installed the kit onto my phone so i could recieve MMS as asked by your adviser, however when i tried to send a picture to myself it is still sending 10 days later.


Another couple of questions i have are -


What is the bandwidth you get as a PAYG user on the big data package?

Does Virgin Mobile still have a bandwidth cap for PAYG users?

Does it still operate a FUP?


I have been a virgin customer for 10 years now and its phone upgrade time again. But the data service i get from virgin is appaling compared to my friends on other networks. Have been doing speed checks on my phone and never seems to go above 0.2 mbps, generally around 150 kbps. I dont want to get a new phone but then be hampered due to my provider.


Thanks in advance


Fresh as a Daisy
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Re: A few issues

Expedient reply as always from virgin. Suffice to say tomorrow i will be going on contract with a different company.

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Re: A few issues

Hi Isotex,
Thank you for your post!
The code use to be  8 digit long, however now it is 10 digit long through our new MMS website: The 10 digit numbers which you are receiving is correct Smiley Happy
Regarding you MMS being received 10 days later, it must be a settings on the phone as our MMS has a 72 hours retrieval policy and wont do it on the servers.You may want to double check the settings, which can be found here 
However, if it still doesn't work, please give us a call 789 (on any other Virgin Mobile Phone) or 150 (Virgin Land line) or 0845 6000 789 (from any other Landline) open between 8am-8pm Monday-Sunday.
Our terms and condition regarding the Fair Usage Policy can be found Fair Usage Policy.
We wouldn't want to lose you as a customer, especially being with us for 10 years! At the moment we do have fantastic packages which may suit you best which can be found here, and being with us for 10 years i am sure we be able to find you a great deal which you cant resist!
Hope this helps,
Kind Regards,

Rita B
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Fresh as a Daisy
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Re: A few issues

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Thanks for the reply however have moved company now. The messages i have given up on now. Website still not working. Now how do i delete my profile from this forum.