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50MB inconsistent speeds/speed drops

I recently upgraded to the VIP package and my broadband was moved from the 30MB speed to 50MB. Whilst I had the 30MB connection, it was very stable and I had no problems. Since I moved up to the 50MB connection, it is completely unreliable! One minute it's super fast, the next it's back to dial up speeds. The connection is completely inconsistent and has me wondering whether I should drop my speed back down to 30MB and downgrade from the VIP package. I have noticed in the forums that many more people have the same problem. I'm gettin very worried that this is a seriouse problem and Virgin are upgrading people to poor broadband connections. Can anybody help me with this??

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Re: 50MB inconsistent speeds/speed drops

Hi lindsandmatt, 


I have just checked your modem and local network segment and I can see multiple issues which will cause a degradation in serve.  First off, your upstream and downstream power levels are not within their optimum levels (I will send you a PM regarding this.)


Secondly, the SNR levels on your local UBR seem to be fluctuating quite alot and this has been raised under reference F001899661.


Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused. 

Kind Regards,

Oliver C

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