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4oD Catchup

Having missed recording last night's showing of Camelot (wonder why?!) I look on the TV Guide, yes it's marked with a (c) should be available to watch on catchup.


Clicking on this just takes you into the On Demand catchup menu rather than playing the show (as you would have expected from VM's publicity).


Once in the catchup menu however, this show is not even listed as available for Channel 4 for Saturday night. What is going on here? Why are shows shown in the EPG as being available for catchup when (apparently) they are not?


Is there just a delay in uploading 4oD shows to the VM catchup service, so it may eventually appear at a later time, or is the VM service basically only an extremely limited subset of what should be available?


I would add that not only is this show available to watch on the 4oD website, but the entire series to date. Series catchup for C4 has never been available on VM.


Should we be looking to see a 4oD App (like the BBC iPlayer) on Tivo to replicate the more extensive web service?

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Re: 4oD Catchup

I note that Camelot has now appeared on 4oD catchup, although what is available for last Saturday still seems extremely sparse compared both with other days, and with the 4oD website.


I would appreciate some feedback from those 'in the know' on the VM side:


(a) why shows should appear in the EPG with a (c) against them but not be available to watch on catchup

(b) why clicking on these shows does not take you direct to playing them, but instead leaves you to navigate the catchup menus

(c) whether there are plans for a 4oD App (along the lines of BBC iPlayer) to give access to the full range of content which C4 make freely available online for up to 28 days after screening (yes, they do have ads, but that is a minor inconvenience compared to missing shows).

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Re: 4oD Catchup

Hi Gunslinger1


Im glad to hear that it has now updated for you, we do have a known issue with the "c" on the catchup service were it is not directing you to the odemand content.



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Re: 4oD Catchup

As well as the 'known issue' about clicking on (c) shows on the EPG sometimes (most times?) not taking you directly to playing the show, there seems also to be a more general issue about what (and when) shows are available on catchup. This is also apparent from other posts on this forum.


If the EPG shows a (c) against show, it is reasonable to expect to be able to play it, either directly from the EPG, or until the bug is fixed, from the catchup menus. This is frequently not the case.


While I understand there are rights issues in a few cases, it is also apparent that 'catchup' on VM sometimes offers significantly less than is freely available on the broadcasters' own web sites.


Are these problems being addressed?