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4oD Buffering

I can not watch 4oD at the moment the buffering is really bad. In the evenings the ads may pause every 2 or 3 seconds. Virgin have looked at my laptop and say the set up is fine and that the speed is fine on the broadband. They have changed the channel to channel 11 and this has made no difference.


YouTube and BBC iPlayer seem to work fine. Is there anything particular about 4oD that makes it's performance poor with Virgin Broadband. I have never had this issue before with 4oD and used it with half a dozen boadbands that in theory are inferior to Virgin for speed.



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Re: 4oD Buffering

I am assuming you are using wireless since you say you have changed your channel, If so what is it like if you use an ethernet cable, does the buffering go away?

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Re: 4oD Buffering

Hi NeilWhitefield,


Have you tried testing the 4oD service hardwired into your Superhub? Also please test it in modem mode.


To place your hub into modem only mode please click on the instructions here

J Arnold
Help & Support Forum Team

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