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0845 Landline Phone Charges

Good Evening,


I’ve noticed that BT no longer charges for 0870 and 0845 landline telephone calls.

I am also aware that Virgin Media recently announced that they would no longer charge for 0870 calls.


I have run searches to establish whether or not Virgin is still charging customers for 0845 landline calls.

I’ve been getting mixed information on this matter, including the suggestion that this would depend on one’s own particular package deal, which is, in my case :-

Telephone Line Rental Size XL - Talk Unlimited

TV Size: XL

Broadband L (Up To 20mb)

Sports 1, Sports 2


So my question is – Does Virgin still normally charge customers for 0845 landline calls, and if so, would this also apply to me with my above package details ? And what is the current cost per minute and the connection charge as it appears that this is being increased again ?

If Virgin still charges for 0845 numbers, it would appear that BT has edged ahead in the “treats” game, so is there any talk about Virgin doing the same to remain competitive ?

Also – What about 0871 numbers ?



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Re: 0845 Landline Phone Charges

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Re: 0845 Landline Phone Charges

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Virgin don't (as yet) see their main competitor as BT. Virgin's pricing is aimed at being comparable with Sky's triple play option. Sky Talk also excludes 0845 numbers from it's standard tarrifs, and both have cheaper line rental than BT.

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