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Bright Spark
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Registered: ‎28-10-2011

0845 454 1111

Do Virgin Media make money from this "Helpline" ?


Have been waiting for somebody to answer my call now for 38 minutes and counting..53+ minutes in total.

Estimate that i have at least 20 hours of this number so far..paying £35/month for next to no service.



Please tell me that your not profiting further from your customers misery with this very unhelpful and hugely frustrating Customer services phone number.

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Re: 0845 454 1111



if you have a vm landline you could call 150 (free) or search on here

for 0845 4541111


but i think vm do profit from it





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Bright Spark
Posts: 51
Registered: ‎28-10-2011

Re: 0845 454 1111

Thankyou for your reply Smiley Happy


I do not have a VM phonline, would somebody involved with VM please contact me to arrange for these monies to be at the very least acredited to my account, preferably i would like all monies from costs incurred to me from me using YOUR customer services Helpline reinbursed to me in full,


I am NOT prepared to pay all this money out just to either be lied to or to just be plain patronised too.

Forum Team (Retired)
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Re: 0845 454 1111

Hi UnhappyGamer,


0845 numbers are normally charged at local call rates. However, you may wish to confirm with your telephony service provider what they charge.


We are unable to deal with compensation via the Forums. You will need to call Customer Services on 0845 454 1111.

John Haggerty
Help & Support Forum Team

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Bright Spark
Posts: 51
Registered: ‎28-10-2011

Re: 0845 454 1111

Ok and thankyou for the reply and the number.

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Re: 0845 454 1111

lmao typical idiocy from VM drones as per usual  i swear these jokers are not real people  just bots set to make you wait 5 days for a reply before they post the same bullox


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Re: 0845 454 1111

LT, whilst I'm not one to defend this useless company, the guys on here are only technical support specialists. It's simply not in their remit to sort out that kind of thing. They are second line technical support staff, so whatever they tell you from a technical perspective is likely to be far better than ringing the ordinary helpline. Unfortunately their job isn't customer services.

Fresh as a Daisy
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Re: 0845 454 1111

It's all very well saying it's a local rate call: Virgin mobile charges about 50p a minute ON TOP of normal contract.



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Re: 0845 454 1111

If you want to call free from a landline then call 0800 052 2525 then select Option 4 Smiley Wink


If your calling from a mobile your stuffed, unless your tarriff/ contract includes 0800/ 0845 calls...


I do not work for Virgin Media or any other TV, Broadband or Phone company.

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Fresh as a Daisy
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Re: 0845 454 1111

Yes if you are calling from a mobile phone or landline that is not with Virgin.


I made a call to this number with a mobile (Three) for a duration of 13 minutes and they charged me £4, so be careful ( I was dealing with my broadband installation)


Best regards