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setting up email

Hi, we've finally bought a new computer after years of using Windows XP and now have 10.

As we've found out there's no more Outlook Express, instead it's Windows Mail.

My question is, how do I set up my email so I can send/receive emails?

Is it still POP3 or is it IMAP4?

Yours confused (please bring back Outlook Express)


Is Windows Live Mail still available?

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Re: setting up email

What a lot of lovely questions. Just made for my return to the Forum after a bit of an absence.

Windows 10 mail client set up here:

It is exclusively IMAP

It is also limited. Won't allow you set up folders. You'll have to do that in web mail and you'll be able to see them then.

WLM (v12) is still available - look for the download (Windows Essentials on the MS sites) but it could have compatibility problems.

I've been pondering the switch to win 10 and e-mail clients for myself when I have to do this. The generally accepted solution on this Forum is to go for Mozilla Thunderbird which should work. One advantage is that it has automatic server set up for VM mail domains because some kind anonymous individual has written the necessary files for T'bird to do this after consulting on this Forum.

Hope this helps.


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Re: setting up email

Hello Jackym44


Welcome to our forum, some good advice from the lovely Howard there, so pleased to see him back. For what it is worth personally I use Thunderbird and think it is far superior.

Thanks to the anonymous individual too for his help with the set up scripts.


Please let us know how it goes




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