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outgoing emails stopped on android smart phone

suddenly my two ntlworld email accounts have stopped working on my android smart phone.They will receive email but not send (noticed that outbox was filling)

I have had a variety of error messages - 525 (VM311), 525 (Vm320) and now couldn't open connection to the server.

I tried deleting one of the accounts and starting again but no luck

I hadn't touched any of the settings originally


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Re: outgoing emails stopped on android smart phone

Hi USW, 


Welcome to the forums, I'm sorry to see you have been having trouble with outgoing email.


I can see it has been a little while since you posted last so fingers crossed this is resolved for you now. 


If you are still having trouble double check the settings


Are you able to access webmail ok?


Let us know how you are getting on. 



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Re: outgoing emails stopped on android smart phone

Lets start by stating what you do have right.

The outgoing server and port are correct, as you are talking to Virgin Media's email server.

The two error codes:-

525 (VM311)
525 (VM320)

Are responses from the VM SMTP server.  Now they both say authentication denied.  BUT - they don't mean you're using the wrong password.  If that were the case you would instead get 535 (VM300) - Authentication Details Invalid.

VM311 and VM320 have also been discussed elsewhere on the boards so I'm not sharing anything new here.

VM311 kicks in when the servers detect attempts to authenticate a send using the same e-mail address from too many different IP's in a short space of time.

VM320 kicks in when there are too many authentication attempts made within an hour.

How exactly are you sending?  Are you using the stock e-mail client or an app such as Outlook?



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