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ntlworld email sign in problems

I have posted before on this site about the problems in signing in using webmail (on a PC running Win7 professional) - being dumped back to the VM home page, being asked if I am a robot and having to count shop fronts and road signs etc. These problems go back over a year.  I am not a robot appeared again this morning.

Over the last few months another problem has arisen. After getting past the problems of signing in, there is a long delay before the inbox comes up. It seems to hang on Sometimes I get a screen asking me to sign on to Ox App Suite. Sometimes I get a message that the service is not available or that there are technical problems. If I go again to the log on screen it eventually loads (without having to put the password in again) but this can require several attempts

It makes no difference whether I use Firefox or IE (history and cache set to clear)

A couple of weeks ago there was a message on the service status board saying there were problems but that has now disappeared but the problems have not

When I get in there are generous helpings of SPAM to clear, but when doing this the list often re-orders itself so last week's messages appear before today's.

This email system has never been right since we came off Gmail

Any suggestions? Last time I posted there were no suggestions, just people adding that they had similar problems










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