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ntl email

my wive could recieve her ntlworld emails this morning but this afternoon it keeps saying wrong password ? yet shes not changed it
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Re: ntl email

We've seen one too many of these today. We have raised it with the VM staff but nothing will happen till Monday at the earliest. Some people are reporting that the issue does clear after a while. You can but hope.


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Re: ntl email

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Hi colingreaves,

I'm so sorry about this. As Howard has said, there have been a few other reports of similar issues over the weekend and I'm gathering all pertinent data for investigation.
We do currently have an open investigation into webmail access issues but this refers to the 3 loading dots and not the password problem you and others have reported.

I have an inkling that I might know what has happened in this case though. Would you please send me a PM (private message, see pic) letting me know what your wife's email address is?

I'll then get back to you as soon as I can Smiley Happy

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