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no email

can u tell me if there a problem with the email , can seem to get into mine!


there is no error message .

 i did the following  

 1)   (test completed 03:07 pm on Mon 20 Mar
Ok, we didn't find a fault with your equipment
If you've tried restarting your equipment and you've checked all the connections and you are still experiencing problems, then we'd be happy to investigate further.) 

2) 404 (Not Found)

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Re: no email

Hi Andysharon1,

So sorry about this but we do have an investigation into webmail access at the moment, it's not anything you're doing wrong.

It might be worth trying a different browser or you could set up an email client to download mail from the server to your computer.

If you choose that option the below links should be of help:
Using Virgin Media email with mail clients

Email settings for all Virgin Media domains

Hope this helps Smiley Happy

Forum Team

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