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email address

Do I need to change email address-ntlworld if I move to Suffolk to another provider i.e. no Virgin cable

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Re: email address

Short answer - Yes

Although some (mostly legacy) accounts appear active a long time after cancellation the advice given by VM is that accounts will be closed 90 days after leaving.

Lets say you don't move. For the meantime you keep VM and all is well. Do you not think it would be a shrewd move to get email from a service NOT tied to your ISP. So you dont have to worry if you do move/cancel/etc ? Your main email account should NOT be from your ISP for the exact reason you are highlighting. Due to life happening (you move outside a VM cabled area) you now face the prospect of losing what is to you and important resource and what to VM is pounds shillings and pence off their bottom line. Set up a Gmail , hotmail, Microsoft outlook, your own, *whatever*  account and migrate your contacts NOW

I use my VM addy for disposable login and Gmail for my main. If (when) I leave VM, its only mostly spam Ill lose.......