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Webmail login hanging

Yesterday VM's service status webpage reported this problem (3 dots...) which has been with us for almost a week already was due to be fixed by the engineer at 10am today (Thursday). I tried about 11:00 and successfully accessed one of my two accounts managing to send off a couple of (overdue) emails. When I tried to access my other account, I got the 3 dots again. And the service status webpage that the engineer is now going to take till noon on Monday to fix it. Don't the engineers work at weekends. Why do we subscribers pay so much to VM for such poor expectation management and appalling service. Thanking us for our patience doesn't really hack it, **bleep** get your act together! No point in checking "email me when someone replies" because I can't access my emails via webmail at the moment!!!

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Re: Webmail login hanging

But you can access your mail via and e-mail client. Guidance here:


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