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Web mail fault - what I think and what to do.

I have been replying individually on this Board to the very genuine concern that is being expressed about the current web mail issues. I thought I should now have a turn in expressing my views in one place in a single post.

I do not work for VM. Superusers are endorsed by VM for their experience and generally helpful posts but VM are aware that we are critical friends, not sycophants. So I can express my views honestly and objectively. My overall philosophy with IT is to do what works and stop worrying about things over which you have no control. There is always an alternative.

As critical friends we have been expressing clearly the level of dissatisfaction we and you feel while at the same time helping VM to diagnose the issue; something which is clearly causing great difficulty. 

VM users, to their credit, display considerable loyalty to the VM web mail system. My view is that such loyalty may be misplaced for any number of reasons. There are two alternatives which you should consider.  

Firstly you can set up an e-mail client like Outlook or Thunderbird and manage your e-mail that way or use the mail apps on your mobile device. If you use more than one device to access e-mail then using the IMAP protocol will mean that each device will see and emulate what the others do. The VM servers act as a central hub.

During these difficulties the servers which support client based e-mail have continued to work and provide e-mail access. I use this method to manage the minority of e-mail that comes to my VM address.

You can use an alternative non-ISP linked web mail supplier. This has the considerable advantage that it frees you from being tied to an ISP for your e-mail address. When you change ISPs you will not have to change your e-mail address. I'm not allowed to advertise or express a preference for any particular service. But the well known ones are Gmail or 

I would not recommend this course of action if I didn't think it was the right thing to do. I have done it myself for my main e-mail activity. I did before the current problems became evident because I thought it was the better path to tread.

My choice of provider works well, looks good (screen display) and is relatively easy to use. It isn't perfect. Nor is VM's service.

You will have to spend time making the change, but it will be time well spent. You may need to wait until VM's service is restored, for example to export your contacts list. But you don't have to make the change as a "big bang". 

I hope that VM quickly solve the current serious issues with their web mail. In the meantime you have to do something to help yourself.

Guidance on setting up an e-mail client is here:


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