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Virginmedia - communications - Email issues

Email continues to be a problem.

So much so that I cannot rely on it providing the service I want and need.
It either takes ages to load up, if it does so at all, and often does not allow attachments to be viewed or downloaded. As these detail important work, you will understand my frustration.

The problems started when Virgin Media developed their own format and system, promising
that it would be much better than the original. Hmmmm!

Recently, the gremilns seem to have also taken over the website.
Several times I have tried to access the site - to be told "we are having problems and our engineers are addressing them as quickly as possible". 

Just what is going on?

Grahame Bath

[MOD EDIT: Subject heading changed to assist community]

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Re: Virginmedia - communications

AFAICS, when Google deprecates Apps for ISP (mid-2015) Liberty Global (who bought Virgin Media in June 2013) decided to use Ziggo (who they bought in January 2014) to provide the replacement email services. For Virgin Media customers this decision has (IMHO) proved to be disastrous and there is nothing to indicate the situation will improve anytime soon. If email is an important communication tool to you then the sensible action is to find a non-ISP based email provider better suited to your needs.