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Using email abroad

I notice that when I am abroad I can receive email on my ntlworld account, but can't reply or send. I am using the same laptop as in the UK and other email addresses work. Why is this?

Why are the virginmedia contact details not displayed prominently on the website? I am paying for a service. I need to ask a question. Virgin make this as difficult as possible.

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Re: Using email abroad

Contact details - click on the link "Contact Us" at the bottom of any and every VM web page. all the details you could possibly want!

You ask a good question which has been asked many times before. First all web mail, when it works, is the preferred method for using VM abroad. It is not easy for spammers to use web mail to send spam. So VM are more relaxed about its use outside of the UK.

Using an e-mail client is affected by strict sending limits because spammers find it much easier to send spam this way once they have access to genuine account details. And for some countries the sending limits are really tight because spamming is endemic - USA included!

Unless you have your e-mail client to use SMTP authentication the whole thing becomes even more difficult. Make sure you follow these settings:

I've been in exactly the same place as you. I use when I am abroad (and , in fat when I am in the UK as a reliable and flexible web mail service).


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