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Trouble with logging into e-mail

I've seen lots of posts concerning trouble with signing-in to Virginmedia e-mail. You get through the log-in screen but then wait and watch three wobbly grey dots for ever while the system fails to load. This has been going on for ages now. I've tried the suggested fixes (different browser etc) but to no avail. I haven't been able to get in today (again!) for at least 2 hours now and I'm still trying.

I've just signed up to the Virgin forum to express my frustration and ironically Virgin asked for an e-mail address! (LOL). I gave a 'g.mail' address where my e-mail activity will take place from hereon.

Very frustrated and annoyed with the amount of time this wastes. I appreciate e-mail is a 'free' service. However, I'm a long standing phone, TV, broadband and mobile customer with Virgin so really, I am paying for e-mail indirectly. Starting to think now about switching all my services to another provider.


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Re: Trouble with logging into e-mail

Hi Terry9,

Apologies for the webmail access issues. We are actively investigating and attempting to remedy this, though I appreciate it be an inconvenience.

Have you considered setting up an email client  - such as Outlook or Thunderbird for instance - so that the emails download from the server to your pc or laptop?

This would allow you to circumnavigate the server access problem.

The below links should be of help:

Virgin Media email server settings for all domains

Using Virgin Media email with clients

Hope this helps Smiley Happy

Forum Team

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