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Spam emails

Like a lot of VM customers I am getting an increasing number of what I assume to be spam and possibly dangerous emails, with links which of course I don't open. I simply identify them as spam.

However, my Samsung tablet allows me to block the domain. What happens now is that when I block the email in this manner on my Tablet, it stops most of them, but it doesn't affect my VM emails on my PC, which still receives those particular emails which means that I still have to identify them as spam.

Is there any way of blocking the senders domains so that I am free of them on both by Tablet and my PC? I am just worried that I or someone else might open one in error. It's easily done.

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Spam emails

Hi petgor,

Sorry for the influx of Spam emails though thanks for continuing to mark them as such as this is the way to train our Spam filter.

I'd like you to check what spam settings you have selected in webmail please:

SPAM Settings

  • Reject All SPAM messages
  • Move message to Spam folder
  • Flag a message as SPAM but deliver to Inbox
  • Turn off all SPAM filtering

The option best suited for you is Move message to Spam folder.
Whilst webmail doesn't offer the option to block specific domains or senders you can filter out any unwanted mail by setting up a filter, though training our spam filter would be compromised by this work-around (for general/obvious spam material).

Hope this helps,



Forum Team

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