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Spam by the bucket Full

I have three Virgin email accounts (one a ntlworld), I have had these account for many years, and since late November, my inbox keeps recieving all mail marked as spam. I have edited my emails spam profiles on Virgin Media panel, which has made no difference at all. I have also tried over four days disabling the 'safety options' just in case Win 10 security was the blame, howver its not. But after seeing this forum, and the amount of members complaining about spam issue on virgin accounts, I have come to the conclusion that this must be caused by Virgin's inability to get their filters to action correctly.

In all the many, many years with ntl now virgin I have never ever, had any thing quite like this before. Perhaps we should all email Richard Branson so he starts to get the spams emails.

Come on Virgin this is not good at all, especially as we lead up to Christmas.

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Re: Spam by the bucket Full

Hello Adge1,

There have been numerous reports of this problem since around November 20th this year.  It appears to affect some accounts and not others.  A portion of people reporting large quantities of blatant image-based spam to their inboxes all of a sudden have also been having problems with their accounts having been compromised and hijacked so that spammers have stolen all of the email addresses found inside their web mail account.  Have you had any problems like that?  Symptoms would include periodic bouts of returned messages for emails you did not send as well as friends and colleagues reporting receiving chatting little email messages containing a single link and text enticing them to click on the link, where the messages appear to originate from your email address.

You can quickly solve the problem by opening a free email account elsewhere such as at Google and starting to use it.  There were similar problems with Virgin Media accounts along these lines in the second half of 2015,, and there continue to be signs that Virgin Media lacks sufficient expertise in the area of spam filtering, so unless you are extremely patient and long-suffering, I wouldn't hang around waiting for Virgin Media to work it out.  You'll not have these problems with a Gmail account.


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