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Spam and Spoofing

What has happened within the last 2 weeks on the servers?

Reason I say that is because until now, I have had very little if not no spam arriving in either my spam folder or main inbox. Also I have had no undeliverable bouncebacks for a good part of 2 months (thinking if it finally over) from the spoofing issue over the past year or so.

However, I have now had 2 sets of bouncebacks within the last week, sent to addresses that I know nothing about, and now getting spam coming through on a regular basis, offering me £50 vouchers to supermarkets, etc..

I have migrated all my emails to a new one, but still monitoring my ntlworld incase of any main issue, so not major, but just SO annoying.


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Re: Spam and Spoofing

Hello Smeghead69,

I'm glad to hear that you are operating your email life from an account not at Virgin Media now if you have been one of more than 600 people known to have hacked and chronically spoofed Virgin Media accounts.  The Com spammers behind the spoofing have seemed a quieter since mid-October.  They are perhaps changing tactics.

Could it be that the Com spammers are particularly targeting those of you with the spoofing problem with large quantities of spam?   Of the handful of reports of a sharp uptick in delivered spam in the past couple of weeks, I know that three of you also have chronically spoofed accounts.  It is not clear why the Virgin Media spam-content filters would be letting the spam through.   

By continuing to let these particularly adept spammers romp around under the cover of their email domains, Virgin Media is likely to have significant spam-control problems.  Cloudmark found that spam from AOL addresses doubled when about two percent of their accounts were hacked and spoofed in April 2014 by these particular spammers.   Once AOL took corrective action a few weeks later and implemented a DMARC p=reject policy, they were again able to cut the spam levels down as you can see in the graph from this Cloudmark blog,



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