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Spam Emails / Hacked email accounts


Has anyone else had issues with high volume Spam emails? On Thusday morning between 03:30 - 04:05 I received over 2000 spam emails, most of which were phishing emails. 

However, I did receive a couple of emails from an Amazon domain, informing me that my delivery address had been changed and that an item had been ordered. The item in question was one of my previpus Amazon orders, and is too specific to have been a coincidence. My account has also had the password changed and has beenlocked out.

I have run full virsu scans on my devices, which have shown no issues.

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Spam Emails / Hacked email accounts

Hello stumac1506


I am sorry you are having problems with email. If the emails are coming from Amazon then it may well be that account that has been compromised. Probably best to change your Amazon passwords, also to be on the safe side follow the advice for your Virgin Media account here What to do if you think your email account has been accessed by someone else


Thank you


Virgin Media Forum Team
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