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Slow Connection To Email

Problems connecting to email from My Virgin Media are getting worse. Sometimes I get connected after a few attempts but more often than not (particularly over the past few days) I give up in frustration. Is there a solution or do I have to accept that connecting to email is not straight forward on Virgin Media?   

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Re: Slow Connection To Email

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If you look at your web browser's console you will see errors like 500 (Internal Server Error) or more recently 404 (Not Found) when access Virgin Media's webmail. The internal server error was intermittent and an unexpected error that usually resolved itself after reloading the web page however the recent not found error occurs consistently during the initialization of the login process (judging from the URL) and that can not be resolved by a reload.

IMHO, you should use an email client with Virgin Media and give serious thought to finding a non-ISP email provider better suited to your email needs.

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