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SPF Configuration issue SMTP2GO

Firstly, I'm not techy in the slightest so please bear with me!

I use SMTP2GO together with my email address to send picture emails from my security camera.

This was all working fine until this week when I received the below email from SMTP2GO and stopped receiving emails from my security camera.

I've done endless googling but I can't work out how/where I change the configuration to enable SMTP2GO to be able to send emails through my virginmedia email address?

It was set up so my email address emailed my email address through SMTP2GO

Email received -

'Our system has found problems with the SPF records for 1 or more of the sender
domain names used with your SMTP2GO account. An SPF record is a type of Domain
Name Service (DNS) record that identifies which mail servers are permitted to
send email on behalf of your domain.

Softfail   domain owner discourages use of this host
Add to the SPF record.

For more information on editing SPF records, see this guide:'


Many thanks! 

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