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Rate limiting

it is getting worse and worse, receiving emails with big time delays between the sender and the receiver. Virgin excuses themselves and is "hiding" behind the word rate-limiting. So called doing it as a service to avoid spamming. But Virgin, can you tell me why there is a huge increase of rate limited emails? Why even emails between my own family members are suddenly rate limited? I missed a few very important mails from senders, and my suspicion is that you Virgin have a technical problem that you not want to admit to your customers. Why for example have you not answered on questions around rate limiting and why other providers like AOL and SKY do not have the same rate limiting.easily tested by sending mails to them at the same time and getting almost immediate answers. I have send you source headings in the past, you came back with we are trying to solve our rate limiting problem.....Not when and how however! Virgin get your act together NOW! 

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Forum Team
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Re: Rate limiting

Hi gvanzwieten, 


Thanks for getting back in touch, apologies I didn't get back to you sooner. I have been out of office. 


I am sorry to see you have continued to have trouble with emails being delayed. We will need to investigate this further.  I can see you have also popped me a PM so I will take a look at that for you now as well. 


Keep an eye out for the Purple Envelope, top right hand corner. 


Speak to you soon. 



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