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Problems with creating new emails - ongoing, fed up!

I have been dropping by these forums for the last couple of months and see issue resolved, issue not resolved with emails.

I have no problems with my phone or galaxy tablet, just desk top, where I generally prefer to do email as it's easier for attachments and typing.

Sometimes there's an issue signing in from my shortcut, but if it throws up an error that has an email link from the main Virgin page, then that usually works fine.

But it's this constant issue of hitting compose to just have a blank screen and whirly arrows. usually when one wants to do an email, they want to do an email, at that moment, not when Virgin app decides it's ok!

Hugely frustrating and been going on far too long now. When is this going to be resolved or do we really have to abandon ship to gmail (spit)? And of course, IF that's the case, my email address is one of the last remnants holding me with Virgin...



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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Problems with creating new emails - ongoing, fed up!

Hello zzzzztt


I am sorry you are having intermittent problems logging into webmail. We are aware ref F004886834 and trying to find the issue, I have passed your details on to our engineers. Hopefully we will get there soon.

Another thing I notice by the way is it is not good to bookmark links within a page as these may change, please use


Thank you for your patience


Virgin Media Forum Team
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