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Hi, ok, first, I had a 6 month hospital stay after being hit by burglars in a car, the ensuing time has been hard because of the traumatic brain injury I received, it has removed so many memories it is hard to understand. The worst of all is that passwords have gone and whilst doing my best to get round so many things using email has become a chore and for a very weird reason every time anything updates itself the iPhone 5s I use wants the passwords filling in again and again. So, this time it has stopped sending emails, it wants the password in the IMAP section apparently. I have no recollection of the old password (well, I do as I had to write it down but when typing it in it says it is the wrong one) I am losing my battle with it all. In fact, I am beginning to give up with Virgin . Apparently it's currently impossible to use the Virgin media site to access my email, my wi fi system constantly judders and I have to reset the wi fi connection , with all of this I wonder why we as a family stay with Virgin at all. My email address is an old one with on the end and so many friends tell me I should get rid of it, but having had it for so many years I am scared of the changes and being able to remember all that goes with it. So, knowing that the password I put in is the one written down by my family when they set it all back up after my hospital stay and it worked and wasn't changed why does it now need putting back in but then saying it is wrong.?

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Re: Passwords

Hi dully1964,

I can't even begin to appreciate what you are going through, but I would really like to offer some help.

Email Accounts

  • Delete the email account on your iPhone

Tap Settings
Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars
Tap the account you wish to delete
Tap Delete Account
Confirm your selection by tapping Delete Account again

  • Now you will need to create the same account and try the password.
  • If the password doesn't work, then you will need to change it by clicking on the link - Forgotten Email Password

I see you've mentioned that you have problems accessing your email account when you visit the Virgin Media website, so what I'd like you to do is delete the Cache & Cookies from your PC / Laptop / Tablet and try again.


Log i in to the Superhub and go to the Wireless Network Settings.

Scroll down and see what Channel you are on and then change the channel. For instance, mine is set to Auto, so if yours is set to Auto then click on the drop-down menu and try it out, hopefully your Wi-Fi should now be stable enough to use.

Wi-Fi SettingsWi-Fi Settings







I hope this helps resolve the issues and please come back to say whether it's worked or not, so we can help you further.



152 Mbp/s Broadband - Windows 10 [Home] -
Ubuntu 17.10 - SuperHub 3.0 - Nokia 5
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