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Outlook has stopped connecting to my BlueYonder email account

I use Outlook 2016 to connect from my PC to my blueyonder email account with Virgin Media.

This all worked fine, and still does on my phone, which i mostly use.

Today I tried to connect from Outlook on my PC and it has stopped working.

The last emails I received were on 23/01/17.

I tried resetting the account, following all the instructions on the Virgin Media website without success.  Outlook will just not connect.

Strangely, my phone (with the same settings) still works fine.  Has anything changed that could lead to this problem?

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Outlook has stopped connecting to my BlueYonder email account

Hello jeffwaldock


Welcome to our forum, I am sorry you are having a problem receiving emails in Outlook, funny how things just seem to stop working with no obvious change. If the phone is working it would suggest that the mailbox is working okay, if it is the same email address as the one you have registered on the forum by the way I can confirm that is passing diagnostics here. 

Are there any Outlook errors at all?

When you mention resetting the account do you mean removing it and recreating in Outlook, if not that may be something to try, settings may be found here Using Virgin Media Mail with Mail Clients


Thank you



Virgin Media Forum Team
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