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Message 1 of 2 (57 Views) email authentication failure

At around lunchtime today I started getting the following error on both mine and my wife's ntlworld email accounts -

sending of password for user xxxxxx did not succeed. Mail server responded: [AUTH] Authentication failed.

We have not changed the passwords.

I can log into my account via the web login.

Any ideas?

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Re: email authentication failure

HI al_the_bass,

This is odd. Have you checked the password in the incoming server settings on your client, to ensure it matches the one you input into webmail?

Also, is your wife able to access webmail with her email credentials?

Post an update on here so we can decide if further support is needed. Though I would probably advise that you log in to My Virgin Media with the primary email account and change passwords for all accounts. 

Keep us updated,

Forum Team

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