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No outgoing emails for 2 weeks!!

Hi there, I use Outlook for my emails but have not been able to send emails from my blueyonder account for 2 weeks now. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?  Strange as I can receive emails on that account.

Have spoken to the technical bods but all they have said is that the problem is their end and they have engineers working on the problem!  

I checked the Service Status Thursday and it said the problem would be fixed by the 4th Nov at 16.00... NOPE!!

I checked back this morning and now they say it won't be fixed until 7th November...

I am getting more angry each day as first off on Monday they said it would be fixed by the end of that day. Then they tried to blame me for using my account, which would block me for a further 24hrs. This was NOT the case, they then said it would be 24rs and it would be up and working... Not a chance in hell... 

I then spoke to the 2nd line engineers who told me it would be working the following day, bringing me to Wednesday, again nothing, And the promised phone call did not occur either.

Like everyone else my bill went up by £3 in Nov and they have already taken the payment!!!   So I am paying for a service which I cannot use!! 

I am finding Virgin totally useless right now...

Would love to know if anyone has any idea of  what the 'Problem' is and further more how the bloody hell it can be sorted!

Rant over for now...


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Re: No outgoing emails for 2 weeks!!

Instead of writing a long post you would have saved yourself time if you had looked at the e-mail board and threads like this one.

I can't say for definite that this is what ails you but we have had a rash of these recently. So run the diagnostic here:

and we'll comment further and refer you on for advice from the Forum Team.


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Re: No outgoing emails for 2 weeks!!

On top of that great advice, you are using a third rate email service, then complaining it's not working well...............

Consider an email service not aligned to your service provider then, when or if you move the email account will still be available to you

Yahoo, gmail, live are three of the many stand alone email services superior to the virgin offerings
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Re: No outgoing emails for 2 weeks!!

J0hn wrote:

Yahoo, gmail, live are three of the many stand alone email services superior to the virgin offerings

Yahoo far superior? They are constantly getting hacked. They even withheld information about one of their hackings and didn't tell their users for about two years, leaving them running with the compromised passwords. Also, I recall reading that they are in the process of being sold off cheaply. They even temporarily disabled adding new forwarding to hinder people moving away during this sales process. And they run FBI monitoring of all your incoming emails when asked to:

Virgin even with its filtering issues doesn't even come an iota close to the diabolical horrificness that is Yahoo and their email offering.

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Re: No outgoing emails for 2 weeks!!

I wouldn't recommend a move to a Yahoo! account since I think that Google has a better offering and more expertise in email; however I would like to point out that Yahoo! accounts do have a number of significant technical advantages over a Virgin Media account at the present time:

-The ability to set a long and strong passwords.  Virgin Media account passwords are capped at ten characters.  Yahoo! suggests starting with 12 or more characters for a strong email password.

-Spoofing protection since late March 2014.  There are several hundred Virgin Media account holders now suffering from chronic spoofing, a situation Virgin Media could address with a DMARC p=reject policy.  Yahoo! took action when under fire from the COM spammers who have now wormed their way into a significant number of Virgin Media accounts.

Sadly, these spammers are still at large, spoofing Virgin Media accounts and the lack of attention to this issue is likely to be resulting in a high ongoing spam burden on the Virgin Media email system.

-Self-service account log-in history.  Virgin Media does not provide a tool to show dates, times and IP addresses of account logins. Customers who have asked for this information, for example, to troubleshoot a chronic spoofing case by looking at the dates, times and IP addresses of connections to their accounts have recently received no response from Virgin Media.  Here is a case:

This customer needed basic information that would have been readily available to them on a self-service web page in a Yahoo! account.

-Tools for commercial senders who are encountering problems delivering messages,

Virgin Media appears to offer nothing more than a few guidelines and an extremely slow liaison to the postmaster through this forum much to the dismay of professional commercial senders, many of whom have been having serious problems delivering legitimate email to Virgin Media domains.  These senders invariably report that they are having no problems delivering the same messages to Yahoo! accounts.  Here is a recent case where the same time-sensitive message about travel visas was delivered to a Yahoo! account and not to the Virgin Media account,

-Two-step verification, an important feature to protect users against the consequences of phishing, not available in a Virgin Media account

It really isn't a fair comparison since Yahoo! has the advantage of having been an email specialist for many years.  A fairer comparison would be to email offerings of other UK broadband providers, such as TalkTalk, who do not have the staff and resources of the large specialist email providers.



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